My name is Chris Kasperski, and I am running for the Republican nomination for Illinois State Senate in District 31. I live in Lindenhurst with my wife, Allison, my son, Carson, and my daughter McKinley. We have two Siberian huskies, Shila (shy-la) and Lakota.

You'll notice me walking the 31st district with Lakota, who is my service dog, and battle buddy. I am a U.S. Army combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.

I participated in missions as a Combat Engineer in Afghanistan to find, clear, and deny the Taliban of their use of roadside bombs, landmines, and other improvised explosive devices. I was medically retired from the Army following my deployment due to the injuries that I sustained in service to our great nation. I used my Post 9/11 GI Bill to earn a bachelors degree in Political Science, emphasizing in American Politics and Public Law from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

I now hope to continue serving, this time in the Illinois State Senate, where I intend to fight for the freedoms of my fellow Illinoisians. I believe our liberties have for too long been compromised by greed, corruption, and unsustainable fiscal policy. The consequences of this policy have forced our family, friends, and neighbors to flee Illinois at an alarming rate. I ask for your support to help turn the tide and set our state on a path that better respects your liberties and the hard-earned fruits of your labor.

I look forward to meeting you and hope to earn your vote in the upcoming primary and general elections.

Please consider donating to the campaign here: Chrisforsenate.com/donate

Chris Kasperski


Handled by Allison & Handles Lakota & 2 Kids | Army Afghanistan Combat Engineer Veteran | Patriot | Freemason | Candidate for IL State Senate District 31 | 🇺🇸